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Tim Berg

Alaskan Fishing Adventures

Phone: (800) 548-3474
Web site:
Location: Kenai Peninsula, AK

Hi there, Captain Tim Berg here in Soldotna, Alaska. Born and raised in the Napa Valley, California was not exactly the ideal place for someone who aspired to someday catch giant trophy fish in Alaska. As a youngster I found myself chasing bass in local lakes, steelhead in our local streams and as I got a little older going offshore out to the Farlon Islands for salmon from Sausalito, CA.

I found it extremely difficult to finish college as I heard the song “North To Alaska” and saw images in magazines of 75 lb King Salmon being pulled from the glacial waters of the famed Kenai River in Alaska. The day came when I could no longer ignore the calling. It was time to pack my truck, quit my day job, drop out of college and head up the Alcan Highway in search of what laid ahead.

In the summer of 1976 I arrived on the Kenai Peninsula and knew there was no going back. In the 37 years since arriving, life and the good Lord has been very kind. Raising a wonderful family, being able to enjoy the very best hunting and fishing and meeting scores of terrific folks would not have been possible without moving to Alaska as a very young man.

Today, Tim Berg’s Alaskan Fishing Adventures LLC, ( owns three full service upscale waterfront lodges, a total of 16 charter vessels as well as a Fish Processing and Seafood Plant. By the way, if you ever get hungry for the world’s very largest Alaska King Crab Legs or Wild Alaska King Salmon, look us up at We will even ship your order to you overnight right to your door via FedEx for FREE.

I had the great fortune of crossing paths with Mark Davis seven years ago and can honestly say that Mark is the real deal. Not only is he a very accomplished angler, but more importantly to me is that he is a man of his word and great character. I value the friendship that we have enjoyed since our very first meeting.