Bamm Bamm Fishing in Port Mansfield

Port Mansfield sits on Texas’ famed Laguna Madre.

The Port Mansfield Channel cuts through Padre Island, making this quiet fishing village one of the closest ports to the deep waters off the Texas coast.

Fishing is under federal jurisdiction starting at nine nautical miles offshore.

Inside the nine-mile line, anglers can keep four red snapper per day that are 15 inches or longer.

In Texas state waters, circle hooks are required when using natural bait.

Captain Chad Kinney has been fishing the waters surrounding Port Mansfield for more than 30 years, racking up a number of wins in tournaments for an impressive number of species.

Bamm Bamm Fishing Charters offers everything from bay fishing to overnight trips to the floating rigs in the deep waters of the Gulf.

Chad’s wife, Erika runs their tackle shop, Laguna Madre Baits, supplying anglers with everything they need for an exciting day, or night, on the water.

The Red Snapper is one of the most valuable species in American waters, found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast as far north as Massachusetts.

Their pinkish-red coloring is their most distinguishing feature, along with a sharply pointed anal fin.

Juvenile red snapper feature a dark spot on their upper sides, below the dorsal fin.

The all-tackle world record for an American Red Snapper is 50 pounds, 4 ounces.