Venice, Louisiana with the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company

The northern Gulf of Mexico is home to some of the world’s best fishing because of the immense network of rigs and platforms that create the equivalent of a giant reef system.

The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company is a world-class charter service operating year-round out of Venice Marina and covering the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Their fleet of Freeman catamarans will take you to some of the world’s best fishing in comfort and style, with enough speed to allow the captains to adapt to changing conditions and weather.

Captain Kevin Beach of the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company has been fishing out of Venice, Louisiana for more than 30 years.

Kevin thrives on witnessing “firsts.”

A customer’s first tuna, first billfish, or even first time seeing blue water feeds Kevin’s own excitement and love of fishing.

Yellowfin Tuna are highly-esteemed as a sport fish and considered by many to be the best-eating tuna.

The meat is very light compared to most other tuna, except the albacore, which has white meat.

“Y.F.T.s” are built for speed and stamina, live for about seven years, and can reproduce by age two or three.

Yellowfin are both pelagic and seasonally migratory.

They’re often caught near large structures, making the many rigs in the Gulf of Mexico a prime location to target yellowfin.

In Louisiana, the daily bag limit is three per person per day, at least 27 inches.

The current all-tackle record for a yellowfin tuna stands at 427 pounds.