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Red Snapper


The Red Snapper are found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coasts. They are bottom dwellers that are a prize catch for anglers. The Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) is a reef fish that will inhabit rocky bottoms and reefs.

Prized Trophy

It is regarded as one of the best reef fish and is commonly very expensive in the market, around the globe. The vibrant red coloration of this fish makes it a beautiful trophy.


Unlike other snappers, the Red Snapper does not have upper canine teeth, but has short sharp needle-like teeth. This species is common in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coasts of America, and can also be found in waters like the Andaman Seas off Thailand as well as in waters off of Indonesia. They prefer water temperature ranging from 50-70 degrees F (10-20 Celsius).


The Red Snapper is a bottom dweller and the preferred places to find them are wrecks, seamounts, oil rig platforms, coral reefs, artificial reefs, ledges and drop-offs. Adults are more often found in structures or rocky bottoms at depths of 50-400 ft and the younger fish under 10 inches prefer shallow waters over sandy and muddy bottoms. They’re often found in schools of the same size. They can reach length of 3 ft. and weigh as much 35 lbs or more. However the average size caught is 1-2 ft. in length and weigh less than 10 lbs. The all-tackle world record is a 50 lbs 4 oz. monster caught off Louisiana in 1966. They’re able to live to more than 20 years.

Special characteristics of the Red Snapper include a spiny dorsal fin which stretches almost to the tail of the compressed body. The anal fin is sharply pointed with a long triangular snout and a prominent reddish iris. The teeth are small, canine-like with medium-large scales. The half-moon shaped tail usually has dark edge. The beautiful red and bright pinkish color on the back and head, fading to a silvery whitish below makes this species an excellent fish trophy mount. Youngsters (under 10 inches in length) has a black spot on each side of the body.