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Season 17

Highlights: Inshore Tropic Star, Niagara Region, Neuse River and more!

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Season 16

Highlights: 200th episode, Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica offshore action and more!

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Season 15

Highlights: Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica, Venice, Louisiana, Alaska and more!

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Season 14

Highlights: Alaska, Venice, Louisiana, Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica and more!

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Season 13

Highlights: Tropic Star Lodge, Alaska, Prince Edward Island, Australia, Venice and Delacroix, Louisiana, St. Simons Island, Port Mansfield, Trinidad, Ocean Isle Beach and Crocodile Bay

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Season 12

Highlights: Tropic Star Lodge, Alaskan Salmon, Trinidad Tarpon, Prince Edward Island Bluefin Tuna, Costa Rican Billfish, Charleston Redfish, South Texas Red Snapper, North Carolina Old Drum, Louisiana Tuna, Ocean Isle, Bayou Bulls, and Western Australia

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Season 11

Highlights: Alaska, Middleton Island, Panama, Venice, Trinidad, Tobago and St. Simons

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Season 9

Highlights: Islamorada, Texas, Dry Tortugas, Virginia Beach, Jean Lafitte, Alaska, Costa Rica, Los Cabos and Charleston

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Season 8

Highlights: Alaska, Panama, Chesapeake Bay, Cost Rica, Venice, St. Simons, Prince Edward Island, the Dry Tortugas, Arroyo City, Pensacola and Charleston

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Season 7

Highlights: Panama, Port Mansfield, Montauk, Boca Grande, Charleston, Lake Calcasieu, Prince Edward Island, Costa Rica, Venice, Middlegrounds and Alaska

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Season 6

Highlights: Panama, Alaska, Virginia Beach, Venice, Prince Edward Island, Montauk, Costa Rica, Boca Grande, Port Mansfield, Charleston and Islamorada

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