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Chad Reinhardt

Mexican Gulf Fishing Company

Phone: (504) 329-7451
Web site:
Location: Venice, LA

Captain Chad Reinhardt grew up on Louisiana waters. He's been a full-time guide since 2008, and served as a deckhand for many years before that. Chad comes to MGFC after having fished all across the state. He ran vessels out of Fourchon and Grand Isle, Cocodrie, and Venice.

Whenever Chad is asked: What makes a good trip? His reply is consistent, "it's all about the possibilities. Just look at this fishery we have in Venice, Louisiana. We have access to, and we can go after 15-16 species of fish. I tell people, be open, communicate what it is you want to do, and I'll let them know what's possible. On most days — almost anything is possible out here. That's what makes it so great."