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Crocodile Bay Resort

Phone: (800) 733-1115
Web site:
Location: Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay was perhaps the most stunning couple days this year for a number of reasons. We went there for Dolphin, they were there the week before and gone when we got there. So we went inshore and I got two species on topwater I’ve wanted to get on film for 6 years, a huge Roosterfish and Cubera. The following day after a Grander spent some time on our spread, I hand fed a pitch bait to a 350lb Blue about 30 feet behind the boat for good measure. Crocodile Bay summed up? Options. Always something biting and if you throw in the eco-tours, VERY intensive Spa options, and other treks, well needless to say if you watch the show, they have our full endorsement. Great place!