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JR Waits

Fish Call Charters

Phone: (843) 509-7337
Web site:
Location: Charleston, SC

Capt. J.R. Waits (me!) will be your guide for an exciting day on the water. I am a U.S.C.G approved captain that started guiding in the Charleston area in 1996. I grew up on the waters surrounding Charleston, and fishing with my father are some of my first memories. I graduated with a degree in Geology from the College of Charleston in 1993 when I decided to pursue my education further by enrolling in Graduate School at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. I thought that I wanted to go on to get my doctorate and teach at the college level. I started teaching in graduate school, but soon found it was not my cup of tea. The most important thing I learned in North Carolina was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life in Charleston. There is nothing wrong with Chapel Hill except that there is no ocean. I never appreciated my hometown until I moved away. I got my Master’s of Science Degree from UNC in 1996 and immediately moved home. I really was not even thinking about getting into the guide business, but just having fun. One day my mother said, “You’re 26 years old and it’s about time that you move out. Why don’t you get a Captain’s License and get people to pay you to take them fishing?” It was awful nice to wake up every morning, walk down to the boat, go fishing, and then come home to Mama’s supper on the table, but she had a point. My father warned me to be careful and not ruin my hobby, but come to find out, I enjoy helping and watching others catch fish as much or more than catching them myself. So in 1996 I got my Captain’s License, and I’ve loved it every since. I am currently living with my wife Pilar, daughter Greta, and son Guerin just down the dirt road from my parents’ house on the Wando River.