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Matt Miranda

Mexican Gulf Fishing Company

Phone: (504) 559-9911
Web site:
Location: Venice, LA

Captain Matt Miranda grew up in Metairie, Louisiana, and spent plenty of time fishing the salt marshes and bayous which surround New Orleans, and South Louisiana. From his earliest days of fishing on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, to his first trips in a bay boat, and now as a licensed captain running in the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, one thing was sure to Matt, "these fishing trips we all take, it's about making life long memories."

And life long memories is what you'll get when you book an offshore trip with Captain Matt.

"Look, I'm here to help customers have a good time. I'm here to teach people what to look for, help them learn some technique, and to enrich their experience in a way that gives them memories that last," says Matt. "Best way for me to do that is deliver."

On that note, Matt says if you book with him, he's got one phrase of advice for you when making your decision:
"I'm a go big or go home, kinda guy. I like things fast, action packed, and loud. IF we're gonna do it; we're gonna do it. If you and your group are the kind of folks who like to cut up, and have a good time, I'm your captain. Let's roll."