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Troy Bruce

Bruce Brothers Fishing Charters

Phone: (902) 969-2408
Web site:
Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

I got started in the Bluefin Tuna Charter business because of the pure thrill of fighting these amazing fish need to be available to all who wish to battle a Giant Bluefin Tuna. Being a charter captain is a great job! I get to meet fisherman from all over the world and share fish stories and experience their thrill when they hook up.

Becoming a charter captain was a natural choice. The Bruce Family has been involved in the Prince Edward Island fishery for decades. Our dad was a charter captain and was a strong influence in me becoming a commercial fisherman and sport fishing captain. Before becoming a Bluefin Charter Captain I was involved in the commercial fishery catching lobster, herring, scallops, tuna, and crabs.

Come join us and check the Giant Bluefin Tuna off your bucket list!